Nicepage 5.8: Product And Post Category Filter

We are pleased to announce the release of the new Nicepage 5.8 update with the Product and Post Category filter, new Page section In the Add Panel, Contact Form improvements, and more.


Nicepage 5.7: Page Designs In Add Panel

We are happy to present the release of the new Nicepage 5.7 update with the Page Designs In the Add Panel, Multi-Language, performance, other improvements, and more.


Nicepage 5.6: Contact Form Signature And Step Icons

We are delighted to present the release of the new update Nicepage 5.6 with Contact Form Signature, support for the Progress Step Icons, performance and stability improvements, and more.


Nicepage 5.5: Form Country, Multi-Line Address, And Step Progress

We are excited to release the new Nicepage 5.5 update with the Contact Form's Country Field, Multi-Line Address preset, Multi-Step Progress, restoring deleted sites in apps, and much more.


Nicepage 5.4: Multi-Step Contact Forms

We are happy to present the new release of Nicepage 5.4 with Multi-Step Contact Forms, Country Flag For Phone Field, Hover Animation Presets Improved, and more


Nicepage 5.3: Show Or Hide Form Field Condition. Restore Deleted Sites Online

We are excited to release the new Nicepage 5.3 update with the show or hide Contact Form Field condition, restoring the deleted sites in the Online Builder, and more.


Nicepage 5.2: Contact Form Cost Calculation. SEO-Friendly URLs

We are happy to present the new release of Nicepage 5.2 with Contact Form Calculation Formulas, general Contact Form improvements, SEO-Friendly URLs (without .html), and more.


Nicepage 5.1: Contact Form Improvements

We are pleased to introduce the new Nicepage 5.1 release with the Contact From Improvements, including new Range and Number Fields, pasting from the Clipboard to the Edit Image dialog, and much more.


Nicepage V5.0 Released!

We are delighted to release Nicepage 5.0 with Dark Mode For User Interface, Contact Form, Link Settings and Menu Improvements, and the Black Friday 2022 Sale!


Nicepage 4.21: Contact Form Leads

We are pleased to deliver the new update of Nicepage 4.21 with the Contact Form Leads, several Contact Form submission options, ReCaptcha for custom domains, 1300+ Google Fonts, and much more.


Nicepage 4.20: New Contact Form Elements

We are happy to present the new Nicepage 4.20 update with the new Contact From Elements, including Image, Line, Rating, Auto-reCaptcha, Radio Buttons, and Checkout List layouts, new video lesson, and much more.


Nicepage 4.19: Multi-Language Sites In Online Editor. Contact Form Improvements

We are excited to release the new update of Nicepage 4.19 with the support of multi-language sites In the Online Editor, Contact Form Element improvements, the new video lesson for the Button Element, and much more.


Nicepage 4.18: Simplified Custom Domain Assignment And More

We are happy to announce the new release of the Nicepage 4.18 update with the simplified custom domain assignment, custom email form submitting, blog In Nicepage Online, and more.


Nicepage 4.17: Easy Form Submitting To Email For HTML, WordPress, and Joomla Sites

We are glad to present the new release of Nicepage 4.17 with the easy Form submitting to email for HTML, WordPress, and Joomla Sites, Hide Elements in the Editor, the distance between selected Elements, and much more.


Nicepage 4.16: Lock Elements In Editor And More

We are enthusiastic about the new release of the Nicepage 4.16 update with the Element locking In the Nicepage Editor, improved Language and Contact Form Elements, File Upload in the Online Editor, and more.