Nicepage 2.17: List Repeater. Table Released.

Dear Nicepage Users and Followers! We are happy to announce the release of the new Nicepage 2.17 with New List Repeater Element, Multi-Select for Table Сells, Wide Option for Table, Multi-Select Properties, New Template Section, Search Results, Presets for Icon List, University Video and more.


Nicepage 2.16: Contact Form, Table and List Improvements

Dear Nicepage Community and Followers! We are happy to release the new update of Nicepage 2.16 with Date Field Type for Contact Form, Table Feature Improvements, Table Presets, Table in Responsive Modes, Bulleted List with Icons, Login / Logout for WordPress and Joomla, Fixed Issues, University Tutorials, Block and Page Designs, and more.


Nicepage 2.15: Table Element. Grid and Group Hover Animation Effect.

Dear Nicepage Users and Followers! We are delighted to present the new Nicepage 2.15 with Table Element (Beta), Hover Animation Effect for Grid and Group Image Background, WordPress and Joomla Menu Editor, Released Page Element Outline, University Videos: Widget Areas in WordPress, and more.


Nicepage 2.14: Page Element Outline. Gallery Released.

Dear Nicepage Community Members! We are happy to announce the release of Nicepage 2.14. Page Element Outline, Gallery Image Zoom Animation, word suggest in Block Search. new home for Docs & Videos, University videos, Slider Design Category, Table and Blog Posts (in progress), and more.


Nicepage 2.13: Improved Gallery. Slider Category. 4000+ Block Designs.

Dear Nicepage Community! We are happy to release the new Nicepage 2.13. Gallery Improvements. Gallery and Slider Block Categories. Actual Menu in WordPress Plugin and Joomla Extension. Search for My Images. Form Phone Mask. University Videos.
Updated Premium Plans. and more.


Nicepage 2.12: New Gallery Control. Radio Button in Form

We are delighted to present the new Nicepage 2.12 with new Gallery Control (Beta), adding Elements by dragging, Scroll Editor with Space Bar, search changes in Image Dialog, embed Google Fonts for WordPress Plugin and Joomla Extension, Radio Button in Form and more


Nicepage 2.11: Block Search. Embedding Fonts In WordPress and Joomla

We have released the new update of Nicepage 2.11 with embed Google Fonts for WordPress Theme and Joomla Template, Block Search, changing Form Field Type, context menu for Multi-Select, new videos for Nicepage University about Installation of Nicepage WordPress Theme and Nicepage WordPress Plugin, and more.


Nicepage 2.10: Typography on Mobile Views. Font Embedding. Over 3000 Designs

We are glad to release the new update of Nicepage 2.10 with Typography for Mobile Views, Embed Google Fonts, Custom Fields in MailChimp, Select Form Field, Optimized Dashboard, Auto-Save in CMS, Video Tutorials 2.0, and more.


Nicepage 2.9: PHP Script for WordPress and Joomla. 900+ Google Fonts

We are happy to present the new update of Nicepage 2.9, which includes PHP Script for WordPress and Joomla, From field for the form, Form side panel, improved sidebar scroll, Icon resizing improvements. We have added 900+ Google Fonts and more.


Nicepage 2.8: Form Submit With PHP Script. EU Cookie Popup

We are happy to present the new update of Nicepage 2.8, which includes Form Submit with PHP Script, Form Submit Options, Form Button Alignment, Form Separate Settings and Submit, Cookies Usage Popup per EU Legislation, WordPress Plugin and Content Installation, Theme Menu: in WordPress and Joomla, and more.


Nicepage 2.7: 1,000,000+ User-Designed Blocks. Form Submit Voting Results

We are happy to present the new update of Nicepage 2.7 and state that our users designed more than 1,000,000 Blocks and Sites. We have the voting results for the Form Submit. We changed the UI, and did much more.


Nicepage 2.6: New Contact Form Field Types. Button 2.0. Edit Header and Footer in WordPress and Joomla

We are happy to present the new update of Nicepage 2.6. We have released the Button 2.0. Now you can edit the Header and Footer without installation of the Nicepage Theme, and more.


Nicepage 2.5: Contact Form 2.0. New Custom Text Field Type. Unlimited Fields

We are happy to present the new update of Nicepage 2.5. We have further improved From 2.0 adding new Custom Text field type and the unlimited number of fields, as well as other Form improvements, plus 10px movement while pressing Shift and Arrow keys together, and more.


Nicepage 2.4: Contact Form 2.0. WordPress and Joomla Plugin Improvements

We are delighted to release the new update of Nicepage 2.4. We have improved From 2.0, WordPress and Joomla Plugins,
Menu Editor. Also we reworked our Getting Started Interactive Tutorial, added Size Tooltips, Block Style Option, and more.


Nicepage 2.3: Meet the New Year with 2020+ Design Blocks!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020! We are thankful to all our users and followers for a wonderful year! 2020+ Design Blocks, Form 2.0 - Field Reorder, Property Changes, Double-Click to Edit the Menu Items, Text to Link, Page Background Properties, Alignment Changes, Getting Started Interactive Tutorial 2.0, and other changes